Dua to change course of fate for marriage

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Respected Sir, Aoa

Am in great depair and need your guidance.

1. last year, I met an aunty at a wedding who was introduced to us on purpose so she could meet me as a potential suitor for her son. a week later the family came to see me formally. later they cmmunicated their consent. during the whole time, I was not interested in the boy or the family. much to my dismay, the family came again a month back and what was supposed to be a casual meeting gave me sweet and gifts to finalize the match. and my nightmare since then have not resolved. my parents are pushing me to say yes to the family because I am getting older now and they see them a gentle family. however, I have no feeling or any sense of happiness I believe to come from Lord if match decided by Him are finally met. I have not performed istikhara to date, however, twice I have seen in my dreams that my parents are forcing me to marry, and I am crying , trying to get myself rid of these people. what should I do?

2. I knew a boy for 2 years as he is my colleague. when all the marriage mess started, I started to realize that what I wanted in a hubby was like this person exactly. and now he has surprised me with sweets from his proposal being finalized with a family friend. I want him back, please tell me dua to change course of fate for this. JazakAllah

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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First, understand that the 'pen has lifted and the ink has dried'. Read 'Hasbunallaah wa ni'mal wakeel' 500 times daily. (A 100 times after each Salaat). Make Du'aa for Khair and more so for Aafiyaat (Goodness).

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am