Dua for success in driving license test

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh Hadrat Mufti Saheb.

I have failed my drivers licence test twice and in a few weeks I am going for the third time.

The reason for failing on the first two tests are very mysterious and not entirely my fault. My driving instructor and another instructor were surprised that I had failed.

Many people are attributing this to corruption. Meaning that I had failed due to not offering a bribe. Many others either know, or have themselves experienced similar situations.

In addition, I tend to get extremely nervous, which hinders my thinking and actions.

I really want to get my licence quickly so that I am no longer a burden on those that have to drive me around everywhere.

Please can Hadhrat Mufti Saheb advise a Dua or Wazifa that will assist me in this matter.

And may Allah Ta’ala grant Hadhrat Mufti Saheb and his team even more barakath in their time and make it easy for them also.

Jazakallah Khair Hadhrat Mufti Saheb

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Asked on May 5, 2014 12:01 pm
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Read Two Rakaats Salaat-ul-Hajaat (The Salaat of Need) before going for the test. Say 'Allaah' a Hundred times before driving. Be positive. Recite Durood Shareef if you become nervous. Do not be hasty.

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Answered on May 5, 2014 12:01 pm