Dream of jacket

i had a dream that i went to buy a jacket and my parents are there my bro sis are somewhere in the background (like we are all on a day out) and i buy one its black and i wear it it perfect for me and then i hang it up and come back and trying to find it then i see it and this black guy is also buying stuff he sees I’m looking for it helps me find it in the jacket i had put my pass and wallet and then he find its and holds it he’s talking and spit from his mouth land on the jacket then i think i don’t want this one its dirty now so i take another one i wear it its quite large for me but i just take it when i go and see it in a well lit room i find it to be black and apparently the first one was blue so I’m thinking thats fine i wanted black then i see my dad with everyone in the car doesn’t wait for me and is in a rush and tried to drive off and I’m thinking how am i gona go home so i see my mum coming to get me and i tell her i cant climb this wall to get over the car she says come quick or ul miss the ride and she says i can. she comes to get me and help ?

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