Dreams of being scared to climb stairs and parents

i keep dreamingabout climbing certain things being scared or not being able to cling fully etc. dream no 1 i had a few days ago and dream 2 i had today:
1.me&friends/colleagues get invited via VIP celebrity2watch a film we are taken into the cinema on a moving floor as we all enter we see the cinema is so massive the screen, there are so many people so one of the girls starts climb up the stairs to get a good spot to see the screen she takes a seat 3/4 quarters of the way up i see another person go further up and think I’m going up I’m not sitting here i want a better view i go up and i look back and below i see the big screen and the how far up i am so up i get a little scared then i tried to climb the final bit up i put my left foot on a bit of wood&space but feel this will actually not be a good place to put my foot no foot hold then instead i put my right foot up and its near a steel and wood floor its not that great but i manage to get up, I’mshaky and frighten i might fall but i make it to the very top
2.i then had dream I’m driving i tell my parents to get in the car my dad decided to walk my mum got in the car but as she saw my dad didn’t so she got off they both started walking behind my car we are on a bit of a slant road like hill i look back, see my parents are walking i ask my mum why she doesn’t get in the car and she says your dads walking so i joined him,i say to my dad to sit in the car he says he’s fine then i have to take my car up this vertical road or inflatable thing i take it just two more secs left but the vertical road becomes slanted as in towards me so i think I’m going to fall off then my car rolls back i come all the way down i did feel like i couldn’t do it i tell my dad he says come with me then we all 3 go up the vertical road i notice there is an opening like a slide not that high up how come this wasn’t there before we go down the slide&inside there nothing so i think we have to go further up the vertical road2 get another opening

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