Dream of a snake and someone trying to hold you down

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُاللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Respected Mufti Saab, please may I ask for naseehat.

1) A few months ago I had a dream whereby in the parking lot of our building where our home is, a black snake appeared from the carport ceiling, as I ran away away it appeared on the other side of me also from the carport ceiling chasing me. I woke up and left it at that.

2) Day before yesterday, I read Esha late at tahajjud time and after that decided to to just lie down a little while until fajr. My hands were on my sides tight against each leg. As I was trying to get up half in a dream (someone looking at me direct in the eyes instilling fear, then after sitting in the lounge of my mothers late sister with what seemed like most or almost all of her children and grandchildren there, no one smiling just looking serious) almost half awake, I felt a force holding me down, trying to keep me down, I read ayatul kursi even though I had to read with force so that I could hear and feel myself reading it and at the end of ayatul kursi the pressure was just lifted.

In between all of this in these last few days also saw my wife in bed with another male next to her, although I wasn’t upset.

Today, my eyes were open tahajjud time but was lying in the bed trying to get up, then just before fajr had a dream, we were walking with some people on the street of my old house which we moved out about 7 years ago, as we were walking towards the old house, there was another house on the way which some of the the people with us went into, then all of a sudden we just saw a big snake enter in after them, then big snakes just started appearing everywhere on the street we were walking, neither my wife or I were scared, we felt they were harmless even though they were big and bulky and just carried on walking, I was a little ahead of my wife and as one came straight close to my wife while she had our baby in her hand, she just stood and it went pass around her, then we carried on walking and I got up just in time for fajr.

Mufti Saab, lately there are a lot of people that have done dishonest dealings with me, broken zubaan, owing money promising to pay on a certain date but not paying, getting upset with me even though I have not engaged with them in an un-respectable manner, picking on my beard to insult me irrationally, family owing me large sums of money not paying even though its so long and they have money that came in (to avoid conflict even though I need it remained quiet), ETC. through all of that I am just being silent, looking down & smiling when insulted and making sabr, not demanding or asking for money when not received on time or not received at all, making dua and reading salaat where I get comfort from it all, if a word gets broken, before they can create conflict, I tell them no problem to avoid conflict and make maaf with them even though they were dishonest with me , one after the other its happening on a daily basis. We have been doing taaleem in the house, trying to do every night with 3 children all under 7 and wife but end up doing about 2 or 3 times a week. During taaleem we also read from Quraan Made Easy. One night we were doing taaleem the 2 infants 9 months and 2 years few months just went restless and crying and fighting, it was hectic in the house then after awhile they settled and were sleeping my wife was just flushed after the chaos, but it was also peaceful after the chaos.

Mufit Saab, if mufti saab remembers me in duas please.

I will also keep working on rectifying myself. Slowly I see in moments the tears from the heart are coming back after years and with each situation and I am feeling confident with myself and closer to my wife and children, my 7 year old daughter becoming obedient, even though outside around me feels like things are breaking down and debt is increasing.

1) Surah Baqarah, must the entire surah be read everyday or read as much of it every day for 40 days and beyond?
2) I started reciting Surah Ikhlaas 3 times then only talk until some talks to me in the house
3) Regarding the dreams, I am not sure to ask mufit saab for the meaning or ask mufti saab just to tell me what to do?

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