Istikhara dreams: man kissing you; funeral; dressed as a bride

a man wanted to marry me but we were confronted to jealousy in both side.
The wife of his father is jealous of me and she wants him to marry a girl of her family. He asked her to come asking my hand but she never come.recently she says to all that she had married him with a girl absolutely beautiful and that he was in love.untrue because my uncle knows him personaly and he told him that he was single . He told me that he will tell him the truth about all that his stepmother do.
i’ve done istikhara many time.

First i ‘ve dreamed that i felt asleep on the side in my bed and then a man (him) comes and kissed me deeply like a french kiss and i’ve done the same and then he goes and i woke up in my dream it was sunny.

Second istikhara

I’ve dreamed that i was in his house it was a funeral , it was sunny, it was on the courtyard really calm, i seated on a chair next to my mom and near to her it was a coffin with a dead person inside it was his father (who is died in real) my mother Greeted him by shaking hands with him (the died) i’ve told her to stop this then i stand up and go to the kitchen were i saw a young woman (the girl that it said to be married with him) she was ugly in my dream dark skin, lot of makeup, chew of chewing gum i’ve find her really ugly. i returned to the courtyard wich was bounded of people and i saw a man dancing and a drum but no music, i’ve seated again to my chair next to mom and then i’ve seen him far (the man who wants me) it’s like he runned away and then i’ve seen that all the people looked at me.

third istikhara
i’ve seen myself like a bride with white dress hair makeup in my wedding and i was seated in my ceremony with lot of people and next to me my husband was him again he was seated next to me , my face was really beautiful and radiant in dream it

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