Dream of being pregnant, husbands beard, hair on fingers

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ألسلام عليكم ورحمةالله و بركاته
Mufti please interpret the ff:

1. If one dreams she is pregnant.
2. I had a dream where I saw my husband shaved his beard off completely I approached him and sttoked his face and asked him why he shaved it off.at the same time while staring at him I said to myself I forgot how handsome he is. His reply to me was that I asked him to trim his beard so he just took it all off.

3. I dreamt the hair on my index finger of my right hand and on the 4 of my left hand grew to 4 inches long. I showed it to my husband and asked can he believe that my hair on fingers sould have grown so long.

جزاك اللهُ خيرًا

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Asked on February 17, 2016 3:17 pm
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1) Wealth will increase.

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Answered on March 14, 2016 4:41 pm