Dream of Hazrat moulana Zulfiqar at parents house

Respected mufti saheb, pls interpret th following dream for me

I dreamt that Hazrat moulana Zulfiqar saheb had a wish to visit my parents home in order for him to rest as he is too busy and he did not wish to go anywhere else besides my parents home… Allah had accepted his wish and he came to my parents house where plenty ppl came to meet him and sit in his company etc… it was then 4 pm and I wanted to take my son to him so he could make dua for him, when my father told me to wait until asr time as hazrat jee wanted to rest after his afternoon program… I said ok but was a little worried as to whether I would b able to take my son to meeting hazrat jee or not… as I walked away from th place where hazrat jee was I saw lots n lots of people that had come with him.. after that I do not remember what happened

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