Dreaming of spiders; late mother inlaw

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Assalamu alaikum

I had a dream a few nights ago. The dream was during the early part of the morning after Fajr. I dreamt that i was sleeping spreadeagled on my bed. I saw a huge, monstrous spider on the wall that i was facing. I tried calling the maid for help but i could not utter a sound or lift my body to get help. Then i found that another spider was crawling up my arm. At first I was scared but later i resigned myself. I could not move and had a few spiders crawling up my arm and body. Thereafter i woke up with a shock.

The second dream I had was about my late Mother in law. She was in hospital( i did not see her there) and i was told that she was being discharged and going home. She asked that I go and look after her. I was happy to do that. At that moment I was in a room that i did not recognise and this place/shop led to outside to a few businesses. I walked out of this place and decided to purchase something from one of the shops but the businessman refused to sell anything to me. I was fairly shocked as previously he was happy to help me. I then left his business and came to my mom’s house. This first part of the dream reminds me of darkness. This next part was light and airy. The doors of the living room were open, the house was light and airy and I entered to see my parents sitting there. I told them that I have come to change and pick up my clothes as I will be going to look after my mum in law. I then left them and walked upstairs. I do know that somewhere in this dream I saw my mum in law. She looked beautiful and was in white. Her face was shining. I know that i came downstairs then had to go back up for something. In my dream i pictured my mum in law lying down in bed in her old home that she shared with my father in law and my sister in law was getting ready to prepare lunch. I was on my way to help. And that is when my dream stopped.

These two dreams have been vivid and i recalled them when i awoke which i usually dont.
Jazakallah for your assistance.

May Allah reward you and your family abundantly

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Asked on February 2, 2009 12:00 am
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1) You will be bewildered by Ilm of person or piety of a pious one.

2) Your mother in law is benefitting from youe Isale Sawab.
Continue even if some obstacles come in place.

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Answered on February 2, 2009 12:00 am