Dreaming of sick granny

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As-salaamu-walaikum Mufti. My grandmother had a major stroke about 3 weeks ago and has not recovered very well, i.e. she cant walk, is being fed through a tube, and has to be in nappies, etc. She requires a lot of care from the family.

Two days ago I had a dream – just before Fajr- where I entered my grannies home and in the first room met some of my relatives who were busy reading the Quraan and told me that someone in our family is on their death bed in hospital and they were all making Duaa – when I looked at the Kitaab they were reading I clearly saw “Surah Maut”written in Arabic.
When I walked into my grandmothers room – I saw her standing, smiling & looking very well. She hugged me and then I helped her walk. After a while she got tired so I carried her & took her around the room to meet all the relatives who had come to visit her. Just then another aunt (related to the family member who was supposedly dying in hospital) came into the room with her very old mother-in-law who is late. I took her to greet them and when I asked her if she remembered who they were she said something quite funny which – I don’t remember now – and all my aunts (her daughter in laws) & her grandchildren started laughing so much that I could see tears streaming down their faces. I woke up thereafter – in shock.

Please could you let me know if there is any meaning / message in this? Jazakallah. Please make Maaf for the long question.

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Asked on November 2, 2008 12:00 am
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Get ready for few deaths in your Famliy.
Those to pass away will not suffer long

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Answered on November 2, 2008 12:00 am