Dreaming of sankes and a lion

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As Salaamu Alaikum

Mufti Saheb i have 3 incidents which i need interperatations on please:

i had dreamt the 1st 2 incidents and my mother had dreamt the last one.

1st incident
. a dream i had, very vague, happened a while back:
2 black people had cut off my little finger with a sword.
2nd incident
took place beginning of Ramadaan this year in one of the days:
I had 2 dreams one after the other, first dream was between 1 and 2am and the 2nd dream was between 2 and 3am. basically I dreamt the 1st one got up scared, spat and read my duas and went back to sleep and then had a very similar dream again.
I live in a flat, 2 streets away my uncle A lives(mothers brother), directly opposite uncle A house is my other uncles house(mothers brother), Uncle B. The house right next to Uncle B is my in-laws house. little map below:

In-Laws – Uncle B (these two are neighbours)
House House
Uncle A (he lives directly across them on the same street)
Stree My Flat (i live 2 streets away)

the dream between 1 and 2am:
dreamt i was in Uncle A house in the passage between the bedroom and bathroom. then out of the cornice in the ceiling 6 snakes came out, all deadly snakes, remember seeing a cobra, green and black mamba etc, i was bitten in my neck twice but could not feel it. trying running away as the front door was in front of me but they kept blocking me and i could go nowhere. end of dream, looked exactly like Uncle A house.

the dream between 2 and 3am:
just when i went back to sleep after the first dream i dreamt that i was now in my own flat, also in the passage between the bedroom and the bathroom just like how it is in my flat, and again out of the cornices in the ceiling 6 snakes came out, and i was bitten in the neck once, only difference is i could feel the bite literally. the snakes cornered me and i could not go anywhere. end of dream. looked exactly like my flat. Also i did not notice any other people in both my dreams.
3rd incident:
my mother who is in Umrah currently had this dream last week in Madinah before sehri: in the dream she told me it was her and myself

she was standing in a puddle of water and was very disturbed by it as she felt the water did not look right, so she wanted to get out of the puddle. as she was getting out of the puddle i was in a 4×4 and driving away as she was trying to get to the van and jump in. evntually after some time i did stop driving and she jumped in the backseat, just so happened we stopped in front of a zoo. through my drivers window i saw big male lion was very scared of it and kept telling my mother about it. she then told me that as long as it was in the lion enclosure it would not harm us. end of dream.

Mufti Saheb i am very worried especially about the second incident. Also i have started my own business with my brother towards the end of last year. Alhamdulillah the business picked up slowly but was going well. recently things have just been going wrong, debtors are finding it hard to pay us, stock we buying from good sources seem to be coming back as blacklisted stock, and my brother and i seem to be arguing a little more than often but nothin majorly serious and business went a little flat, but still Almighty Allah has always looked after us. and we make shukr. At times we make good inroads in our business and then all of sudden we take 50 steps backwards. Our Zakaah has always been paid. People have always envied us, even though we are not wealthy, but we always seem to live a good life and work how we want to and not by how others tell us. is it possible to take out nazr on a business? what advice can you give us, we do not want to fall in debt, as the capital we have been given for our business was given to us by my kind and beloved mother.

Mufti Saheb a little request that this not be published online as some descriptions and details given above maybe easily used to point us out.

Apologies for being overly descriptive as i did not want to leave anything out. May Almighty Allah reward you immensely in this world, qabr and aakhirat, ameen.

. Was Salaam . Muhammed

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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All your dreams relate to you having enemies who are trying to harm your business etc. Read Daily Manzil as prescribed.
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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am