Dreaming of parents and baby snakes

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Sallaamu-Alaikum respected Mufti,

Dreamed Im sitting and having something to drink, knew my parents had passed on in my dream but I was watching them. I tried taking a picture of them to show my sisters but my phone would open the camera. Saw my parents sitting together and could only see my father smiling. Both seemed content. I sat with another woman, didn’t know her but it felt like I knew her. I could see my parents but they could not see me. I was alive but it seemed my parent were in a place they like as if they were still alive. I dreamt afterward I stepped on baby snakes, there was a lot of them. I could feel bites on at the bottom of my feet as I step on them. I then felt one small snake get under my skin on my one foot, I could see its shape and could see how it moved around just underneath my skin. I stop it from coming up my leg by pressing my hand over my calf & ankle. I looked for help & tried calling a someone, then all of a sudden the baby snake frantically tried to escape by moving faster, I saw how it opened its jaws and stretched my skin under my foot and tore it open and escaped.

Is this a concern Mufti?

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Asked on January 13, 2009 12:00 am
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Be careful and stay alert from the tricks of female relatives.

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Answered on January 13, 2009 12:00 am