Dreaming of Nabi SAW;snakes and sons

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As salaam alaikum,

My mother recently had the following dreams;

theres a alley way and its full of people, theres a medium sized room in which theres people sitting in there and in the middle theres space, theres a pot of food in the middle and people siting around but no-one is eating, then my mother saw the feet of Rasool saws, he lifted the food pot , and said no ones eating, and then he put the food pot down and it turned into asian sweets, then everybody started eating, when they walked away, a lady said to my mum ” the Rasool saws does this for his daughters.”

My mother had this dream twice during this ramadhaan before and after fajr on the same day, theres a pond and inside the pond theres a snake and shes sitting near the pond, when both my brothers walk in an alley way the snake rises up towards them, it goes to bite them. my mum gets some wood and moves the snakes face towards the left and the dream finishes.

Then after fajr she had a dream she was in our old house and someone saying that my eldest brother got bitten by a snake on his right hand finger, theres so many people and my mum goes all round the outside of the house but she cant get to him, then when she comes back to the front again the people had gone, and a middle aged man wearing an orange coloured kameez and longi comes out of the front door and starts walking towards the left and my youngest nephew follows him, and then the man tells my mum to take my nephew back and he follows the man till a bus stop, then she brings my nephew back and goes into the house and sees my brother laying on his left side holding his right hand with a white bandage, and then he lies on his back and opens his eyes and my mum was relieved that he was alive, and then she heard a voice saying that the man in the orange was a pir who recited on my brother.

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Asked on October 11, 2009 12:00 am
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Practice of Deen it is easy, comfortable and tasteful. Your mother will protect her sons from harm . Seek advice from your mother and stay far from false 'piers'
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Answered on October 11, 2009 12:00 am