Dreaming of ml Abdul-Hafeeth Makki;the saudi king

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. i hope you well mufti
. can you please interpret these 2 dreams for me

(1)Honourable Mufti-i had a strong desire to study in 1 of the three harams or close by especially makkah-at madrash saulatiyyah which is overseen by ml Abdul-Hafeeth Makki after speaking to him i realised that at my age (17) it`s almost impossible to do so, however i continously make dua that ALLAH should accept me.
*recently i saw ML in a dream at a public gathering and if im not mistaken everyone was told to leave besides me. i was left alone with Ml & i was sitting to to his left & he was wearing a beautiful white Saudi jubbah-he doesnt normally wear those.

(2) Muftii-i have a strong dislike for Aale Saood and i think they`ve done a great dis-service to Islam & the muslims and are still doing so. I desire to overthrow them & establish the Khilafah. Recently i dreamt that the current saudi king came to our place and i think i cut his right thumb. he left the gathring only to return with a bunch of his cronies seeking revenge. i offered my right thumb but they refused and cut my left thumb.
Request fo duaas jazakallah

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Asked on October 15, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Firstly it is never/not to like to study is Makrooh.
You have a very good opinion of your Sheikh

2) When given a opportunity to negotiate do so.

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Answered on October 15, 2009 12:00 am