Dreaming of imaam freezing during qiraat

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AsaalumuAlaikum Mufti

I had a dream some years ago that still troubles me some times.
I had dreamt of a very respected Aalim who has now passed away, though he was alive when I dreamt this.
Where the Imaam was performing Salaah in Jamaat, I think it was either Magrib or Esha Salaah, and during the Qiraat he froze and could not continue, and the Salaah was terminated, where the Imaam took a short break and sat in the sehan area.
I went to sit next to him and asked if he is ok, and he told me that he was not feeling well.
I noticed his feet to be burnt to a crisp, similar to when something is left in the fire.
He asked me to carry him back to the front to continue with the Salaah, I carried him on my back and tried to make our way to the front. It seemed like the place where the Imaam stands when performing Salaah was a long distance away and we where walking in a field with huge pits at some places with some slabs of concrete partly covering them. Some people were passing us in order to get to the front while some fell into the pits.
The Aalim advised not to try and walk on the concrete slabs and stay clear away from them.
As much as we tried to get to the front, it seemed the distance was not getting less.
The Qiraat that the Imaam was reciting when he stopped, was the last few Ayats of Surah Yaseen.

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Asked on November 1, 2013 4:21 pm
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This was to inform you that the Imaam was going to pass away after a difficult life.

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Answered on November 1, 2013 4:21 pm