Dreaming of hiding from man in supermarket

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Salaams Mufti.

I dreamt i was in a supermarket and i was hiding away from a man. i was very frightened of the man. i was crawling on the floor of the supermarket and at each aisle was a shelf-packer giving me directions in which aisle i must hide because the man is going to get me. eventually i ended up at the door heading towards the butcher that’s in the shop. but when i went in the butcher it wasn’t a butcher but a back yard and there was two broken down cars. i was running back and forth the two cars because i didn’t know which one to hide behind. i was very frightened.
eventually this man found me and i got pass him and ran out of the supermarket. and i was shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR” continuously and screaming “OH ALLAH PLEASE HELP ME AND MAKE HIM GO AWAY” and kept on shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR”. and i was running with my eyes closed because i just wanted the man to disappear.and then i woke up.
this dream took place after Fajr.

I am regular in Namaaz.
Please tell me what the dream means?

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Asked on November 8, 2008 12:00 am
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You are lacking in Zikr.
Especially the Masnoon Duaas of the Bazaar.
However you will suvive the deception of currently those who want to falsely accuse you.

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Answered on November 8, 2008 12:00 am