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Assalaamualikum wa rahmattullahi wa barakaatuh

please could you assist me with the meanings of these dreams, the friend mentioned is the same in both

in the first dream we where in a backyard or outdoor area, my friend was a smalll distance away facing me. i had a mirror in my hand and was reflecting light onto his face, but instead of covering his face or getting irritated, he looked straight at me/ or into the light. i had a bag( could be an extra large handbag) with a closed book on it. there was a young lady that was complaining/ moaning to my friend about me ( i think she wanted these objects)

the second dream was a bit hazy but i remember walking through big white tents ( like the meal tents at ijtimas) where there wher hindus dressed in red and adorned in gold jewellery seated. i made my way to an area where i met the above mentioned friend and told him that i had a dream about him. im not sure wether there was a wedding or ceremony taking place but i remember seeing a youth of eurasian ( may have been chechen or russian) walking around.

I had a dream a while ago but only a portion stands out clearly as im not sure wether it was part of another dream or separate. myself and teenagers from my area were in a circle and i had a cigarette in my hand ( i quit last year) while talking. suddenly a mufti came and i remember him shaking hands with three of us.


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Asked on December 14, 2009 12:00 am
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All mean that you will go out in the path of Allaah. Do some good positive work.
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Answered on December 14, 2009 12:00 am