Dreaming of friend;masjid;small place;proposal

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. respected mufti please give interpretations to the following dreams

1.i had a dream of a very close friend more like a sister
. it was her birthday and we had taken her out for coffee,when suddenly the guy she loves gave her a surprise and she was overjoyed…we then decided to go home,and we were talking to him on the phone..when i took the phone to speak to him he was asking me what i wanted to say because he was running out of time..i can’t really remember what i wanted to ask him,so i told him its ok i’ll ask you another time then he said no just tell me,and i dont think i told him..if i am not mistaken him and my friend were already engaged and were to get married soon,and he was accusing her of going out with other boys..

2.i had a dream that in our area where the school is they were building this huge masjid,made with marble..it was gonna be like the madina masjid and it was also gonna have huge marble platforms so that if the masjid got overcrowded they could read there

3.an aunt was trying to convince my sister to get married to her son,and i was not too sure of it,and she said i know you’ve had so many proposals but why dont you get married to my son…

4.my mother took us to this place,and everything in that place was really really small,the wash hand basin,bathroom,toilet,bedroom,everything..

please advice
. please do not put on alislam website
. jazakallah
. mufti please try and reply by friday if possible as some of the above dreams are really worrying me,if not its ok mufti jazakallah
. allah reward you for all your time that you spare to help this ummat

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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Avoid contact with those whom you do not know.
Be wary of all proposals.
Do not let others force you to do things.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am