Dreaming of food

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. respected mufti saheb pls interpret the following dream as it was very strange.
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1. my house seemed really busy, we had our entire family over at the house and it seemed like it was for a tea. when my cousin came to drop off something and was about to go, i went to him and told him no, you have to come inside and have some tea. he then told me that he does not drink tea much, so i told him ok come in and atleast have a doughnut. he then agreed. i then left to prepare the table for him and all the others that had not eaten as yet. i asked my mum where the doughnuts were and she showed me a few that were left, all the chocolate ones were finished and there was only the cinnamon ones left. i laid the table and there was also a huge platter of roast chicken. i then called my cousin, my dad and grandfather to come have their tea etc,(others were discussing business while others were enjoying outside) when my aunt or my mum brought this pot of white fish which looked a bit like huge prawns covered in lots of red sauce. when they put it on the table my cousin was very happy and began eating that. i was really happy that he came to have tea with us. as i was walking away from the table to go to my room, i grabbed a piece of the fish/prawns and started walking off. when i took a bite, it was really tender (tasted like it had lots of tomato sauce) and after a while i realised that the fish/prawns in my hand began to move. on the way my sister was in the bathroom so i asked her where the fish/prawn came from, (i was a bit worried about eating them as i sometimes have an allergy breakout when i eat certain seafood) i cannot remember where she said it came from. when i noticed it was moving i looked at it when i noticed that i had bit near the head of the fish/prawn. then i saw two seperate heads and before i knew it i had dropped it on the floor and i watched the two slowly seperate and they started moving further down the passage. i then decided that i’ll just get a plate from the kitchen and put it in there as i cannot eat this. although i was very scared to pick it up.

2. few family members were sitting on the table, when they called me and told me to join them in having coconut and cucumber,when i told them that you are supposed to have kajur and coocnut or cucumber and kajur instead as it is a sunnat or something to that effect. cannot remember the dream exactly.

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Asked on August 15, 2013 7:12 pm
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Pious people will come to eat with your family.

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Answered on August 15, 2013 7:12 pm