Dreaming of deceased father

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Maaf, Original Question sent 17/09/2009,During Ramadaan, had no response.

I write this fresh after awakening from a very special dream…

I dreamt of my marhoom father, we were sitting for a meal, seemed like a restaurant at the mall. he never said much throughout the dream, when we left the table, I filled my pocket with nuts from the table, a lady from across the table commented to her husband about me filling my pockets which I overheard and commented back in a laughing manner, as we drove out from the mall, immediately we were entering Lenasia, but it felt late, like pass 12am, I could see police cars chasing thiefs, and trucks stuck near the robots, maybe they hijacked the trucks, all off a sudden I was walking in the same area towards a small shopping centre which is close by, my father was walking slowly , but I knew he would catch up.. I then met one of the local ulama and his brother (hafiz)… he was brother was asking me what to do as he is newly married and his mother had asked him to take his wife for a check up as she felt her daughter in law was not falling pregnant. I looked towards the Aalim and said, my wife and I have the same problem, give it time, Allah will provide, it is in his hands… as that happened, my father had caught up walking, and I put my arm around him as we walked as we turned the corner, I hugged him tight and told him how much I missed him and i started crying.. my tears flowed in my dream and as i woke up i was still crying and sat in the bed with happiness for the next 20min with tears of joy, tears of happiness, i feel relieved of some great burden.

My father passed away about 3 years now, i dreamt once of him just after he passed away and nothing since then as clear that dream and this mornings dream. I used to frequently visit his Qabr but got lazy for a while, during Ramadaan I have started going again.
I attended a programme last night: before the programme started, an elderly brother greeted me, and i asked, are you a hafiz? I replied no. he replied InshaAllah you will try? i replied , Ameen, if Allah wills. He then asked if i am married, i said yes, he then asked, any children? I replied no, told him about our problem trying to conceive, he then gave me some advice and told me to keep on trying and remember Allah when trying to conceive and make to dua to keep shaytaan away. After the programme, dua was made by the Aalim who i met in my dream, who is also an old friend, as i walked out of the masjid; i greeted his brother the Hafiz who was also in my dream.

Can Mufti please assist in understanding the dream?

May Allah reward you for all your good work, Ameen.

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Asked on December 14, 2009 12:00 am
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This is a good sign. Stay linked to the Alim.
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Answered on December 14, 2009 12:00 am