Dreaming of deceased brother

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. respected mufti saab please interpret the following dream for me
. i cannot remember the dream very well….we were entering this certain place which looked like some ruins,and just then another family was leaving from there…it had beautiful grass and it went in the shape of a U,at the end of the U was a hill…..i said that the walk was too long so my granny shouldnt accompany us,and when i got to the top of the hill i realised the walk was really short..later on i realised at the top of the hill was the place where my brother was buried..my whole family went to see him,thereafter i went to see him and i was weeping execively…instead of him being wrapped in a white kaffan he was wrapped in a straw mat,and his face was not covered either,nor was his body lowered in the ground…after i met him i was to put him in the direction of the qibla and i was asking my father if i was doing the right thing…then my brother said now nabi(s.a.w) said that the next step was complete(it was like nabi(s.a.w) was telling him what to do through his dreams)…..my father and my brother were not getting along very well in my dream…
then i noticed that my brother who had passed away started moving slowly and his body now became straight as it was in the direction of the qibla,i asked my father as to why my brother did that and he said something like “when the person who passed away is now happy this is what it does”…..i also saw the graves of few other distant family members…(the graves were of all those that had already past away)..then all of a sudden i was in a totally different place nd it was extremely dark,only few candles were on,it seemed like it was my auntys house…i was walking towards the garden in her yard i became very scared and didnt want to go by all the plants as i feared the jinns and i thought there was jaddoo there…then i tried to muster the courage and go but i repeatedly failed…it seemed like a wedding had just taken place there…the rest i do not remember…
jazakallah mufti
.allah reward you
. ameen

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Asked on December 14, 2009 12:00 am
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Answered on December 14, 2009 12:00 am