Dreaming of deceased brother and getting married again not always to muslims

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. please interpret this dreams for me

ONE-i had a dream we went to this small town where some family members stay and as i arrived there i was looking for 1 particular guy and when i saw him i was shocked because he was sweeping the floor which i never expected from him,he waas very humble and that stole my heart..
then i was going inside the house and i saw few family membes and they told me i was looking really nice..we then went in the house and were watching everyone playing games and the guy i liked was sittin there..my sister and i was sitting on the table in the lounge when my marhoom brother came and he held one hand of mine and 1 of my sisters and he told the 2 of us that whenever you missing me close your eyes and think of me and i’ll be there but dont cry and then he was going and i kept on calling out to him but he said he had to go.and i told everyone there i was so happy that my brother came to visit me today,and i was about to walk out of the lounge when something fell on a glass table and my other brother nearly got hurt and i told him that ALLAH saved you because if you were sitting little more back it would have hurt you on your head then i went to the room with my brother and just then my dream boy came in with few other relatives, and i didnt have my scarf on..later on we were outside and it seemed like we were at my house and there were no lights it was really dark and there was loads of food laid on a table outside,and my cuzin asked me to get him something,so i quickly got it and gave it to him and he wanted to grab my hand but i didnt let him because i didnt want him to like me because i liked someelse..it was then time for salaah and i saw my dad coming out the house with some other uncles and he said the reason he didnt want to take out chairs is because everyone would have fallen asleep..
i dont remember the rest

TWO-of continously getting married,as sun as my husband died i leave my people get me married again and not always to a muslim somtimes hindu and stuff and eventually i got mad with everyone for doing that
. jazakallah wassalaam

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Asked on December 14, 2009 12:00 am
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Both . You will get a good proposal
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Answered on December 14, 2009 12:00 am