Dreaming of cuzin being affected by jinn

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salaam mufti

i had two dreams recently but first i would just like to tell you a little more.
the past two years my entire family has been having some jadu and jinn problems. but we got help and are doing okay. unfortunately my aunt and cousin who started having the same problems in January, started going to a psychic. this woman told her that the Moulana that was helping her wasn’t strong enough to help and that she must go and see some hindu lady who deals in jadu herself. ever since then, they don’t want to see any of our family members.

recently, i had a dream where we were having a family get together. i went to my cousin and asked her how she was doing and she said she was okay. i then asked her if she was still having problems in her house and hesitantly, she said yes. a little while later, i saw scratch marks suddenly appear on her lower stomach. she started to cry and was talking down at her stomach and said’ but i gave you what you wanted, why are you doing this’ i could see that the jinn was worrying her so i grabbed her and started to recite repeatedly ‘aoothubillah, himinash shaitaanir ragim.’ and then proceeded with ayaatul qursee. she seemed sedated. i was very angry and went to find her mother. her mother was wearing a floral burqa and wanted to run away from me but i caught up with her. i asked her how long this was going to carry on for before she got proper help from a moulana and i told her that she was being selfish. my other cousin and uncle told her that there are lots of people that can help her.

a week later i dreamed that my cousin had phoned me. she asked me if i was surprised to hear from her and i said yes. she then told me that the sangoma told her that the reason why the jinn was doing that to her is because it does not want her to tell any one about it. i asked how she was but before she could answer me, i woke up.
previously, i had quite a few dreams about her phoning me and i could feel something evil coming through the phone. i sometimes felt paralyzed.

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Asked on November 8, 2008 12:00 am
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Have you and your family re-treated.

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Answered on November 8, 2008 12:00 am