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I had a dream a day ago and would like to know what it means.
The dream I had was that somebody came to see me for marriage and we were sitting in this kitchen with white units and I was making something and the boy wearing a white kurta and sitting on the chair speaking to me.The person that brought them to see me was there and had told me that she is bringing somebody else after this one and I must say yes to them. The boy that had come and seen me at that moment had so much nur on his face and we both seem very happy, he had also told me that the other boy that the aunty wants to bring is not to my liking.
Somebody that was there with us had then told this boy infront of me that just say that you like her.

Its the first time I remember a dream so clearly and everything in this dream was so lit up and white. I know I called this boy by his name in the dream (the name I had said is the name of the boy that came to see me in reality) and I seem to be happy and smiling when we both were speaking.Don’t remember his facial appearance very well, but got a slight idea.
I am very confused at this dream as a boy in reality had come and seen me twice around three weeks ago. Immediately then I had read istikaarah namaaz for 7 days a felt a positive response to it. Since seeing the family had not got back to us and its been now almost four weeks I had left it in allah hands and didn’t worry about it. Please could muftie tell me what does this dream mean and why after 3 weeks did I have this dream.

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Asked on September 16, 2008 12:00 am
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Wait, make Duaa, things looks positive.

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Answered on September 16, 2008 12:00 am