Dreaming of being shot;non muslims slaughtering pigs;a little girl;manager attacking you

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Asalaam Mufti
. I asked this question on the 24th August but have not received a reply. Please assist. JazakAllah

As salaam mu alaykum Mufti

I have had three dreams over 3 consecutive nights which i would like intepreted please. They have been strange and on my mind since.

1. Two nights before ramadaan. I dreamt that i borrowed my brothers car and left mine with him. On my return to his house to exchange cars, in his drive way, a man walked up to my window and shot me in the head. I did not die as i can remember seeing the hole in the window. I still proceeded to drive to the hospital. My brother was now with me. On our way there we seen an accident and decided to stop and help. When we got to the scene on the accident we seen that it was a friend of ours who was laying on the floor screaming in pain. His leg was broken. I dont remember after that. The setting looked like magrib time.

2. One night before ramadaan. I dreamt that i was in a house with other muslim people. We were all sitting in the dining room. It was a big dining room table. In the back yard i could see from where i was sitting was a few non muslims and they were slaughtering pigs. They were doing this in the most brutal manner. They were torturing the animals very brutally before killing them. I remember sitting there and feeling very upset and sick. I felt like throwing up.

3. 1st ramadaan. I can remember looking and feeling very sick in my dream. I was very weak. There was a little girl questioning me. She was dark in complexion, with dark big lips, she had long very curly hair which was light brown. As we spoke the older she got. From a small girl to a grown women. She was growing in front of me the longer we spoke. She was telling me that she lived inside of me. In my dream i was not sure whether to be scared of this girl or to be just at ease. I cant remeber all the questions she was asking me. I do remember her asking me about my wife. I was feeling a bit skeptical for my wifes safety so the answers i gave about my wife were all lies to protect my wife. I did feel a little scared about lieing to this women.She spoke in a soft ghostly type voice. The setting was a little dark, like magrib time.

4. On the 11th Ramadaan. Dreamt that i was in a supermarket with my manager and we were talking nicely. Thereafter she just started attacking me. She threw a knife at me but i moved out of its way. She was going mad and just wanted to hurt me and i didnt know what for. Eventually the security gaurds came to restrain her. The police arrived and arrested her. i laid a charge against her. Cant remember after that. Details sketchy. This was dreamt beforefajr.

The history of this is that i was thinking to start my own business and leave work. I read Istigarah for 2 nights only from the 2nd Ramadaan. For me the response seemed very positive and i had no doubt that i should go ahead and try it. I handed my resignation in on the 31st August. This dream was on the 11th Ramadaan so maybe it is related. You would know beter. I still have no doubt about the Istigarah being positive so i am making preparations to start the business in August. Make Dua for me Mufti because finally i will be out of the Insurance business and trying to make halaal rozi.
Please assist with the interpretations.
JazakAllah Mufti

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Asked on December 14, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Loosing grip of your Faraaidh of Deen.
2) Some around you thinks of Haraam to be Halaal.
3) Read Manzil daily. Avoid for a short while eating out.
4) Protect your dignity. Avoid talking to strange women. May Allaah give barakaat in your new ventures.
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Answered on December 14, 2009 12:00 am