Dreaming of a spider;cars brakes not working,buying meat

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assalaamualikum pls interpret the following dreams for me jzkla wslm.
1.i was dishing out soup for lunch when suddenly i saw a brown spider at the bottom of the bowl that was still alive but did not move when i was putting the soup,i found it weird as the soup was hot and spicy and the spider was alive so why wasn’t it moving out to save itself. i then decided to help it out when my dad said that no leave it lets see what happens. so i placed the soup bowl outside on the bench and proceeded to the table that was laid outside. i saw a bowl full of the beans soup that i was previously dishing out and was happy that there was still lots of soup,despite the soup that went to waste due to the spider.
2.i was outside in the yard and the rest of my family was also present when my dad asked me to reverse the one car so he could take the other one. i agreed and started the car when i later realise that the brakes were failing so i continued driving around the block trying to get the car to stop. i took my foot off the accelerator, pulled the handbrake and tried everything possible but none was working and my granny kept watching and was wondering what was going on. i then waved to my dad telling him that i was now going to die as this car would end up in an accident and he looked at me with teary eyes and the rest all looked confused. i kept praying when i suddenly decided to enter the yard again and halt the car infront of the pillar so it would stop. doing so through the miracle of Allah the car stopped infront of the pillar and no damage occurred. everyone then came out to see me and my dad sad with red teary eyes not to do that again.. later we were driving away and we were supposed to be going for our usual friday lunch when suddenly i realised my dad was going somewhere else. on the way he stopped by at my brothers house we picked up my bhabhi (they seemed to be having a function at their house there were bubbles all over etc). we then arrived at a butcher. there were other muslim people coming out from there with their meat and i was a little upset as to why they were buying from here and not from my dads butcher but i just ignored it somehow. later my dad said we should order our meat so we can move on as our butcher did not have (we were not doing so well in the business). after my mum ordered i noticed there was pork also. so i picked up the piece of pork and then questioned as to whether the meat is halaal.i do not remember the response. all of a sudden we were at my sisters’ in laws house (they stay in a different country) and i don’t know what was happening there, besides that i had walked in one room where al my sisters brother-in-laws were by mistake and i was called away from there. then i was called to go and attend another program sort of thing but i ran away to a secluded place as i did not know where to go and i did not want to come in contact with any of the boys.

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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You will become a pious person.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am