Dreaming of a pious person being clean shaven;and trying not to get burnt

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Assalaamualaikum respected muftisaab

Recently their was a mattter within the tabligh circle wherin maulana saad who Is part of the shurah in nizamudeen had a difference of oppinon with the others on the shurah as to Weather muuntakab haith should be introduced as an ijtimaee aamaal.the other elderly members of the shurah where Dead against this for reasons known to them however maulanaa saad pushed his rai persistantly so to avoid quarel They gave in a short while after a very senior Tabligh worker had a dream that maullana saad and his 2 khaadims where clean shaven.he was very worried what could this dream mean?

2.I recently had a dream wherein I saw myself and my uncle enter a sewing factory,inside I saw what appeardd to be a mat which could be used as a musallah I showed my uncle and said to this effect that its being made thin nowdays.thereafter I saw a man sitting on a chair infront of him was a sewing table with a machine he pushed a blue material foward stitching it with bright Blue big stitches right through the middlle.thereafter I saw different common colour kurtass being placed around me and being Ironed with steam irons I was carefull not to get burnt as I walked what could this mean?

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Asked on July 6, 2014 4:44 pm
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1) It is sad that the Tabligh Jamaat is getting involved in disputes. This will weaken many aspects. This dream means disgrace and humiliation on those seen clean-shaven by the public at large.

2) Emergence of a new group amongst Muslims.

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Answered on July 6, 2014 4:44 pm