Dreaming of a mall,forest and soldiers

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. respected mufti saheb i am in utmost need of your help and guidance.
i received a proposal, after making mashwera it was decided that i should take things further and meet the guy within shariah compliance. after i met the boy i decided to make istikhaara. the first time i made istikhaara i had the following dream: i was at this shopping mall like place and there were lots of people and few family members. after browsing in a few shops we came across these two boys (i know them but have no contact with them) in a barber like shop having their hair done and i found it very weird. we went in the shop i don’t remember what happened but the next thing i knew we were in the elevator going to the next floor. when we reached the top it looked really dirty and different. my cousin was trying to come out the elevator as it began to break. we managed to come out. the next thing i knew we were in this forest like place looking for one of the boys we had seen earlier as he went missing. there were lots and lots of bamboo paths, beautiful grass and seemed like a sea. while searching we also came across these huts but we just couldn’t seem to find him. suddenly we saw all these army trucks and vans coming with lots of soldiers in and i became very fearful thinking that they were going to kill us or take us away. i told whoever was with me to hide away. when suddenly we saw this country flag being raised and the armies and soldiers marching and saluting, etc. they saw us and seemed very happy. they were all greeting us and were really happy on seeing us. it seemed like we found that boy and i also met another friend of mine and she was also really really happy (when i hugged her i was shocked how much weight she lost over the years). the one soldier then began escorting me to a better place. also when i woke up i felt really happy. there were few other familiar faces over there.

on the second instance of istikhaara i do not remember having any dream, however when i woke up i felt really happy.

please help me mufti
. jzkla
. wslm

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Asked on September 4, 2013 11:56 am
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It is positive. Stop the Istikhaara.

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Answered on September 4, 2013 11:56 am