Dreaming of a lion turning into a boy; cuzin getting married;jadoo

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assalaamualaikum respected mufti saab
. mufti please interpret these dreams for me

1.i was walking from the shops and i met all my school friends there,we were all walking in this field and on our way i met my one cousin who came to offer me a sandwich,i refused him and carried on,we saw these horses walking towards their grazing patch,my cousin wanted to go on the one horse for a ride and then she decided not to….they all carried on and i was right at the back,after all the horses past by,this lion came by me,and i got afraid it started messing around which made me even more scared,then i saw the owner of the lion and he told me not to be afraid of it and it is trying to tell me that it knows me,after a little while this lion changed into a boy,i hugged him and told him that i’m really sorry for not recognising him and i told him how sorry i was for not bringing him a gift and that the next time i would definitely bring him a gift….he had performed at a school show as a lion according to my dream…i was the only one who knew the lion use to turn into a boy…later on i was at somebody’s house and it came to time for sleeping,everyone had gone to their outside rooms and i was the only one left to go outside but it became to late and so the aunty old me that if i want to stay in the house i can,so i proceeded towards the room,there i found my brother an the little lion boy….if i’m not mistaken my brother and i decided to eat biltong and we offered the lion boy but he refused and i told my brother he cannot eat it from 12 in the evening till a certain time and it will be like him eating his own flesh…and during that time he makes a sound like that of a butcher machine cutting meat….later on it was sehri time and we were all sitting on the table and it was like we were rushing to brush our teeth as it was the last minutes and my sister and i began to argue over a toothbrush…. after that i do not remember anything…

2.i had a dream where it was my cousins wedding and i was time for her ruksati…
her father was actually supposed to give her away,but her step sister decided to do it,and the mother began to shout at her saying that the father is supposed to do it and not her and she made a whole big argument,my uncle could not say anything as all the guests were watching..my cousin dosent really talk to me that much but in my dream she was really talking to me nicely,and her sister, everyone was quite amazed..i dont know what happened after…..it seemed like all the guests had gone,i was in the kitchen with quite a few other realatives…my uncle walked in and he said that my aunty has always given him problems and the day she’ll learn her lesson is the day he gives her three talaaqs…i looked out the kitchen door and i saw my cousin who got married or her sister(not too sure) crying with her mother..then all the people in the kitchen were making arangements to go for some party or something but my family and i were not going….my cosin who i dreamt of getting married is already married…

3.it’s 5 o’clock and we are serving my grandad tea..later i saw my father coming in,he had just returned from out the country,he walked in and said,you see you ppl forced me to go an i nearly had a really bad accident…i decided to go outside and have a look at the car as i was looking in the car,i came across somthing which told me that someone had done jadoo….
mufti if any of these dream have a meaning please advise,as i am really worried..
. may allah bless you and your family abundantly..ameen

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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1) You have various enemies within your camp.

2) Denotes getting of honour, dignity, wealth, status.

3) Avoidance of travel at night without importance and alone.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am