dreaming about snakes

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Dear Muftisab – As salaamualikum wa rahmatullahi barkatahu. My wife has been getting these dreams regularly for some time now. She sees snakes coiling round her legs and squeezing her, some times they are going all over her body. some time she sees a lady keep both our photographs and doing some kind of Puja and tearing our photos through the middle separating us. Muftisab we have a daughter 16 years old, last week I also had a similar dream of snake attacking me and I was trying to hit it away then I killed it but it caught my daughters finger.My wife spoke to her sister and is made to believe that some one is doing something to spoil our sukoon at home etc etc… I do not believe in all this jadoo etc. I have told her just make dua to Allahtala and keep praying her quran. We regularly give sadaka also. Please advise why this is happening and what aamaal should we do to keep peace and harmony at home. Jzakallah

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Asked on November 16, 2012 11:55 am