Dream of guy staring at you

I had a dream that I was wearing blue fitted shalwar Kameez with dupatta looking very near the shalwar Kameez is comfortable I don’t wear fitted so this was fitted for me the Kameez was short with a frill at the end this guy I like is there and I’m adjusting my Kameez and walking out but then I see my mum and I go to my mum I start hugging my mum i stop I hug her again like 3 times the guy I like he sitting behind me on a bench and just staring at me non-stop he’s parallel to me I then started to bend down Brfore my mum got up to hug me she was sitting down i bent down and picked up stuff she was looking at and put it in a box The guy is still looking at me I can feel his eyes on my back I don’t know if he’s waiting for me or he likes me but he’s watching me ?

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