Dream of a learned man, family and sweets

asalaam I went to see this learned man in Pakistan and he gave me something to pray when I came back to UK after about a month or so I had a dream that me my mother bro sis we are in Pakistan perhaps and we stop at a shop and notice a small shop i have my little or older nephew who looks like a baby in my lap and is crying and im thinking from this shop il get something my brother says he is crying give him and takes him i see the same learned man come out of the Candy store little shop like he owns it and he talks to me and then my mum he’s so happy to see my mum he is smiling a lot and sudden cheer i go up to then learned mans shop to get something for my nephew like ribena and my mums says take what you like I fumble around for ribena but can’t see any thing than find pinkncandyfloss intop I take it and its like I’ve got double eyebrows and some of the candyfloss is outside the packet I take it and start removing the fake eyebrows and as I’m removing them it looks like its my eyeliner then my sister her eyebrows are so thin Like drawn on her face one is vertical and one is horizontal she says to my brother why didnt you tell me my eyebrows are so weird and i look stupid I could have fixed them he goes do u listen?what can i do and shrugs his holding his baby whos calm then my younger bros are there all of us bro sis sitting next to each other and my mum speaking to learned man who goes into his shop once then comes out again and speaks to my mum his more silent then chatty and very low key voice like soft person. One of then learned mans secretary walks in and says haven’t seen sir this happy for a few days now his been quite down and quiet but doesnt mention when he’s upset and still prays and does all the things she has to but today I have seen him so happy after a good few days this is after seeing my mum and me mostly mum.

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