Dream of pool, prayer and parents

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I had a dream that I saw a swimming pool which was quite big and there’s someone who was doing competitions there and then stopped going there so I’m getting ready to take over his space.
My mum is with me so I go to the pool to check it out mid to large size and clean. This person who was doing the competitions was really good and now I will be taking over his position.
Next clip I see myself in a mosque or a prayer place so many people and my ex friends sister comes to me and hugs me tight and asks me why I don’t come out with them and I tell her set something up we will all come out then she doesn’t look keen and I say I want to go trainers shop let’s go she doesn’t seem keen she’s wearing an old dress very big and flowy funny cut I even mention her dress to her she goes and sits on an old sofa and I’m looking to pray somewhere I see my other guy friend he’s bare feet walking around wants to talk to me but I ignore him
And even I’m bare feet walking around in the prayer place I’m thinking my feet look big but I’m comfortable strangely enough( I don’t usually expose my feet in real life). And then I find a place to pray some ladies are praying there so have finalised I’m in front row and adjust the prayer mat and start to pray as I go down a woman appears infront of me and gets up and her bum nearly hits my face she realises and leaves the prayer mat
Next clip I then see my parents outside the house and getting ready to go in a van and inside our home talking to my parents from their room and my mum is talking telling me off and then my dad takes over and starts but in a more controlled manner like he’s talking to me trying to explain something and I get angry thinking they always telling me off and say something back angry way and then my dad backs off and says I’m not going to continue this conversation and goes and sits in his van waiting for my mum to join him

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Asked on January 28, 2016 12:45 pm
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Stay away from people of authority for awhile.

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Answered on February 9, 2016 11:22 pm