Dream of wolves, flies and a rat

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Assalamualaikum wa rah matallah

There was a few dream which i had and i was hoping you would be able to help me in understanding them mufti saheb,

Dream 1 Wolf:
The dream started off with me and one of my close friends going to a city close to our town to eat and we was eating chicken burgers. I ate a full one and then another half when suddenly my little brother appeared out of nowhere so after talking to him i decided to give him the last half of my burger which he ate. My brother then said to me that him and his friend are building something in the jungle and if i wanted to come and i was hesitant as i thought their might be preadators but my brother and his friend said the area is safe so i accepted to go. We then went through the jungle and reached a tall sort of treehouse and went inside.
My brother and his friend started to clean the windows and were telling me that they are opening a new business which when they were telling me more about i was thinking its pretty much the same as what i was going to start (start in real life that is). Then i seen a women outside and i think she tried to break in but i didnt let her and forced her to leave and she escaped. Then 2 more girls came and tried to sneak in again so i shouted to my brother and his friend in the treehouse but they changed in to 2 of my close friends and i was a bit confused but i ignored it as i had to adress the matter at hand. So i told my 2 friends in the treehouse the girls are trying to sneak in and as i was saying that the girls turned in to large white wolves with bright blue eyes.
At that moment i knew i had to run so i started running up the stairs of the treehouse as the wolves were right behind me and my 2 friends came down the stairs an started shooting at them but its like the bullets were going straight through the wolves so i got the shotgun and aimed it at them and killed both wolves and killed another which appeared after i killed the first two. (So i killed 3 in total).
Then a fourth wolf which seemed larger than the other three came and seen the others dead so it ran away and then i woke up from my dream.

Once i woke up i was actually thinking to myself for some reason that i should not have let the last wolf escape so i tried to go back to sleep hoping i would see it again in my dream so i could kill it which to my shock i did. So i fell back asleep and i was back in the same jungle near the treehouse and it was like the dream was just continuing from where it left off. I was in the treehouse and the 4th and last wolf came back to try and harm me but i killed it too with the gun and the dream finished their and i woke up again.

Dream 2: Flies
In this dream i was in my old bedroom which now my brother sleeps in and in the dream everything in the room was exactly how it was a few years ago when me and my brothers useto sleep their.
I was in the bedroom and i noticed quite large flies just a bit smallerthan the size of a grape their were maybe about 4-6 i think so i went dowsntairs and got some fly swatters and in this dream i felt like i had to kill them for some reason so i started swat away and it was very difficult to hit them because they were fast but i managed to get a few and then my cousin sister appeared in the room out of nowehere so i gave it to her and told her to try and get the rest of the flies. She tried for a bit and then handed the swatter back over to me and then i finished them off and by the end of it i just remember seeing bits of the dead fly all over the floor. I then awoke from my dream.

Dream 3: Rat
In this dream i was in my current bedroom and their was a rat but in the dream it seemed just slightly different like a bit deformed. I seen it and knew i need to catch it so i tried to catch it as it scurried over my floor then i managed to grab it with my duvet and without thinking once i caught it i squashed it on my floor and all its insides and guts came out and it made my carpet dirty. I then picked it up and threw it out of my bedroom window. Shortly after i woke up from my dream.

Sorry for all the detail please could you help me to realise what each of the 3 dreams mean.

JazakAllah hu khayran

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Asked on July 27, 2017 2:58 pm
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1) You will be able to successfully overcome all your enemies.

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