Dream of an ant and person reciting quraan

The dream is that I saw myself in a dark room with only one door and little light was coming from it.(the door was open full). I was wearing a beautiful expensive bright green shirt and I saw a shelf right on top of the wall near the ceiling. I somewhat climbed to that shelf and I saw a black bag and 1 white old box with no lid and papers inside of it. There were other things there that I thought was very old but I can’t remember what the other stuffs were. Suddenly I saw a small black ant with food in its mouth on the black bag. I wanted to kill it but I left it. Suddenly opposite the rooom I could hear from the someone from the unseen reciting the Quran and it was reading verses about punishment and jahunnam . I was then terrified and scared I in my dream and thought to myself that I would change my life from today.

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