Dream of two thieves breaking into my home

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Assalamualykum, may Allah swt have mercy on you and keep you well Ameen.

I had a dream that i was entering my home from the front door and all of my family were at the bottom of the street as if they were going somewhere. So i walk in to my home and nobody is inside except for me and 1 builder of ours who is white hes working away upstairs.

I walk in to my front room and i notice an envelope of money that someone religious gave me in real life to do bussiness with but instead of being hidden away in my room its in the open on the sofa.

So i get a bit worried and pick it up and start counting it and i take out one note and it seems fake in the dream, then i look behind me out of the window and i see a white man with a mask that thieves wear staring at me smirking from the top window of the house oppossitte.

So i stand up i go to the window and i see him making signs to somebody then all of a sudden two thieves break in from my backdoor. 1 thief was white the other was indian asian whom actually lives in my town and i know but not extremly well.

They look at me and try to attack me i think one had a knife in his hand. While struggling a glass bottle smashes so i pick it up and throw it at then aswell as a coffee table. Then i call for the builder upstairs to help me. He comes running down confused and they start to attack him in a different room and i follow them looking for objects to fight them with. Then i just suddenly woke up from the dream.

Could you please narrate the meaning of this dream to me. I am also not well at the moment i have a chest infection so please remember me in your duas.


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Asked on June 9, 2017 8:55 pm
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Go and see a good medical doctor.

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Answered on June 17, 2017 10:19 pm