Dream of Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

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I saw a dream on a friday like an year ago, that the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is visiting a village and i saw him come from afar and it’s like 8 at night or something and he is at the center with his followers and all of his signs match and people surrounding saying the Prophet SAWS has come and then it’s like night time like 3 in the morning and there is this big room and there is a window and there are many people there surrounding him and i am a bit far and i am wearing a light blue dress and i was looking outside when i saw the moon but i tried to look at it and the Prophet Muhammad SAWS stood up when he saw the moon and raised his hands for dua and and his upper body was bare ( and i saw his back but it was like blank like white was white faded out like concealed) everyone there then too up and asking him what he was doing and he is supplicating while people asking him what’s the matter but when i looked at him i felt like i should follow that and i raised my hands for dua and then i saw the moon and it was full and bigger and brighter and i prayed that there is this non muslim family i know of that they become muslims and i am praying with surety that if the Prophet SAWS is praying and i am following him Allah will grant my wish. (though i saw his face and i can describe it to anyone one but i can’t picture him)
And then on two separate dream i saw that the first son of their’s and i were at this beautiful place like at a cafe outside and he saw this man sitting down leaning against the wall reading Quran and he is fascinated by it and then he asked me to read i said ok but i also hesitated and told him that i am not very fluent (because i am not even though i try it’s like a lisp thing i have since childhood) and i tried reading and then he asked can i try and then i let him and he started to read it very fluently and nicely.
Then another one i saw was that his younger brother was at the basement and i was peeling potatos there because his mother asked me too and he was sitting a bit far with his back towards me and he was listening to radio and doing his own this when he changed the channel and Quran verses start to play and he was listen to them and then he started reciting them like he learnt after listening to them.
I told that i saw the Prophet SAWS to some people but i didn’t exactly told them the whole dream except for my sister.

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Asked on September 17, 2017 12:06 am
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The Umma is not practicing on the Sunnah of Nabi (S.A.W.).

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Answered on October 1, 2017 2:44 am