Dream of big ugly spider while going up a staircase

Sir I saw in my dream that I was in a semi dark place and I was on a staircase going up to a flat/building. As I was going on the staircase I saw a big ugly spider(the size of my hand) on my left hand side. It seemed like an abnormal spider with extra body parts. Fear overcame me and I took my shoe and hit the spider . When I hit it all its body parts his legs etc disappeared but the mouth did not disappear. I hit it again it then died. I then found a brown broom. The broom had on either side of it bristles(which is used to sweep). I I was going up the staircase. any dust or creepy bugs including one normal fat black spider I would hit it with the broom till I reached the top. When I reached the top I could see that there was either flats or big building that the outside was and inside was dark. I then saw 2 Muslim men wearing topi and kurta and they seemed so so happy to see me. I made salaam and shook the hands of the first man. But as I was going to make salaam to the 2nd man i saw on my Right hand palm so much dark dust on my right palm so I just made salaam to him.

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