Dream of money

I had a deal this teacher whose house I used to go for Stitching lessons I have organised a trip in the dream and she gives me equivalent of 1000 pounds but she gives me in rupees I’m shocked coz she’s quite poor not so poor bt didn’t expect her to give me money for the trip where I’m taking the local ppl.to a theme park or something and then I look at her and she takes away 500 as I give her the look like wow really that’s too much then my mum comes through the door I run up to her to tell her and my mum went to see a lady who wasn’t keeping well and I let my mum tell me 1st about her trip what happened etc she says a woman was fine laying on her bed and then she got sick maybe due to black magic the woman was rich and the my teachers son is sitting there and looks at me I see him looking and ignore him then I tell my mum she gave me 1000 and then took away 500 and maybe I should ask for the 500 back I’m thinking of how economically I will use it on my trip on people to pay for them etc and my mum says no don’t ask her or get the money back leave it I think she doesn’t want me to take money from her

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