Dream of kissing teacher

i had a dream this girl in my islamic class is sick so she doesn’t come class i hear from someone so I’m going alone then i find out she took a tablet to get better went to the hospital and passed away and shes only 24 or so and I’m really shocked and upset in dream then i see my islamic class teacher i take the car with him I’m like quiet and wearing clothes like layers baggy long and go to his office he doesn’t even say don’t come or anything and i end up at his work place and i am sitting on an empty desk and he’s sitting and working and giving people orders in a nice manner and i see everyone is listening to him he’s the boss he owns the company and he is quite humble then i think lets get up and go and i see he’s up to go and i see his clothes are clean and smell fresh but old and like his jacket or trouser is torn and washed out i think maybe its style he has a lot of money sure he could afford it then he takes me and a couple of others to his car and i see even his car is old style maybe a classic old one can’t remember colour then i think why has he got old stuff maybe his taste is old and then i think we all get in the car he talks to me i think but I’m quiet and like nod or so then either before we left his office when he was standing next to me he’s worked was there too and he looked at me i looked at him and i got an urge to kiss him passionately on his lips and he responds back and kisses me to then i put my leg up for him to hold maybe he doesn’t see it or get it but he doesn’t hold it then lets go as he is obviously conscious of surroundings one guy saw but as he’s white he is a bit excited but like normal i think my teacher was reluctant to kiss me but did so as he felt the passion.

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