Dream of brother visiting and a jinn

so i prayed fajr and went back to sleep and saw that my older brother comes over to our house with his wife and kids I’m sitting in my younger brothers room on his bed and talking to him and lay down he finds it weird he’s brushing his hair after a shower and looking in the mirror (as we are not that frank with each other) my older bro walks through the door and he sees that and so does my other brother and he goes OH like with surprise and maybe disgust. Then we all are in the living room and my brother is starting to pick on me (he does this in real life) then I’m replying to him and all of a sudden i feel cold and like a breeze comes through I’m wearing a jacket then i feel like theres a jinn around and i go to the kitchen and its like around me then i start quickly praying ayutul kursi 3 rimes and my mothers in the kitchen she is looking at me like what and I have a knife and I’m doing criss cross and going around in circles doing this action like i will kill the jinn if it comes near me then i feel everything is fine like its gone and can’t bother me
since my bro beens married he’s not had the best relation with me and now things are i think a bit better.

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