Dream of being in madressa again

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I was in my ex madressa which I left with the advice of senior ulema that I
personally visited and consulted with After about a while after I left this
Madressa(Ullooom) . I had this few dreams and I would appreciate if you
interpret each dream individually.

1. Dream 1 – My ex muallim who according to senior ulema his beliefs are not
right and he was an oppressive person teaching and he should not be
teaching. Anyway I had this dream that I found my self in that uloom in that
same room he used to teach in. It was cloudy outside the windows but inside
the room was very dark.The teacher was teaching me and another student I know
who is a back stabber and very evil (only used me to help him financially)to
me. I looked at the teacher and I was so sad respected Mufti Saheb as to what
he did to me. I then decided to stop thinking about what he did to me forgive
him because how can learn like that and benefit. I looked at my left and the
evil bad student had brown page thin book and he was writing the Arabic the
teacher was saying In blue pen. I had no book and was shocked I was in the
room. Then the teacher said one Arabic word noon qaaf seen means watermelon.
He then left. I then tried to be nice to the student and offered by hand also
making salaam. He shook my hands and looking like he wanted nothing to do
with me told me he shouldn’t study with me In the same room. He took his book
and left the room. I was then alone. Then another person entered the room
whom I recognized. Mufti Saheb I don’t remember whether he entered (the
person I recognized) the classroom at the beginning of the dream or after the
teacher and student left. Anyway the person who I recognized was a young alim
my father wants me to learn my alim course from. He then started to shout me
I can’t remember for what. He was standing across the classroom by the window
. He was asking me sentences in English to translate in Arabic. Few words I
knew like daraba but most of the words I didn’t know the meaning. (Even the
words I knew I guessed it)He asked me a word which I didn’t know. So I
guessed it and said manqooson. I repeated it confused. He started rebuking me
and shouting. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I turned my head to my
right & was really sad and started crying furiously but softly out of regret
that I was there. I was so confused. The whole dream I was confused like.

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Asked on August 20, 2017 1:04 pm
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Avoid company that are not your well-wishers.

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