Dreaming of subjugating and humiliating Kuffaar Enemies

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For several days I had many dreams of subjugating kuffaar enemies.

In one dream, I was a member of the Taliban and we captured hostile US Army soldiers that were on our property. We took them as hostages. I raped them forcefully in the rear passage and whipped them in order to humiliate and disgrace. I commanded the other Taliban members to whip and beat them too.

In another, I was a commander in the Muslim uprising/riots against the British in India (1940s). Along with a large army under my control, we butchered those Muslims that had joined the British Army against the Muslims. These were those that had a position of leadership in British ranks, like Generals.

In another, I was seated casually with kuffar I know. We were here waiting for something. A few kuffaar then came in and began forcefully promoting the South African ruling party. They caused a huge disruption and the kuffar I was with were very perturbed. They acted violently. One kaafir came right in front of my face, he locked eyes with me, and started attacking Islam. He spoke about terrorism and the USA etc. I casually defeat his argument in a few words. My voice was extremely loud. He became very embarrassed and disgraced. They moved away. The rest of the kuffaar were happy with my behaviour. I was then sitting in a bus with all these kuffaar. I was looking back towards the kaafir who confronted me. I was delighted but uncertain at how Allah Ta’ala had allowed me such easy control of the kaafir, like he was water in my hands. I was wearing jeans.

In another, my father was a mayor/judge of a Ukrainian city. He was exiling kuffaar policeman for treason. But there was much confusion. The kuffaar were revolting for independence from Russia. I joined the kuffaar in riot in order to eventually establish Islamic rule. It seemed like I was appointed here by Mujahideen seniors.

I cannot remember the other dreams, but they were of the same nature as above.

Hadhrat Mufti Sahib, kindly advise/interpret.

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Asked on May 6, 2016 3:25 am
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You will soon rid yourself from most sins, major and minor.

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Answered on May 24, 2016 3:24 pm