Dream of figures attacking you

As Salaam U Alaykum dear Mufti Saheb.

I write to you on behalf of a family member who has been having frequent bad dreams.

She has often had dreams where there are figures attacking her and upon reading Ayatul Kursi they dissapear.

Her latest dream was where she visited her cousin whom she had not got along with and in this dream various family members were present but this cousins eyes were red and her voice was not that of a human,she tried to attack her and in the dream she thought that this cousin was a jinn and kept reading Ayatul Kursi, after reading Ayatul Kursi four times this recitation stopped this person from attacking her though she still tried and it was very scary however she then vanished.

Please advise what this could mean Dear Mufti saheb and what could she do to avoid all of this.

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