Dream of buying a green kameez

I had a dream I went to two girls wedding who are getting married on the same day they are working women and are catering and carrying expenses of their own wedding. Also they are getting ready or in fact waiting to get ready before I arrived I am thinking I need to buy some clothes for the wedding or some other event I have many but I feel I need a new suit like shalwar kameez then I think I don’t have time and these girls sell clothes and I will basically buy from her so I go out and starting looking through the shirts myself and shalwar kameez then the girls come out one shows me everything not that she wants to sell it but then I see a nice green one with bronze sequences or something on them. Then I buy the trouser. I ask her how much it is and she says 5000 which I think is really expensive. Then she goes some are reduced she checks it and it comes up as 3500/and I think that’s better il have it I’m thinking its not worth 5000 3500/is better so I decide to buy it but I’m also thinking if I went out I will be able to buy something way better but I don’t have time and so I will settle for this green kameez and maybe bronze shalwar not sure what colour is shalwar or dupatta the focus is the green kameez

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