Dream of incomplete constructed building

I had a dream that I entered this big new constructed building and it’s huge and beautifully constructed I’m with a bunch of other people and we take the lift to go to the second floor it’s like we are going to start work there and the lift goes right to the top floor it doesn’t stop anywhere so there are people there and I ask why didn’t the lift stop someone says apparently the construction isn’t complete the people who were contracted to complete the building left the job say about 25% is left to do so then I decide to take the stairs from outside down to the ground floor and this ground floor looks exactly like my parents home and is so beautifully clean and spaciously decorated and even I go the 1st floor where currently my brothers room is and in the dream my brothers room looks spacious and big and really clean and new furniture suddenly my sister appears from nowhere as well before I’m thinking this place only I am in it. I then take the lift to the top floor and I’m sitting with the execs of the company and they are saying to each other that they lost the contract as they were wasting the money of the party who put money into the building to build it but the company decided not to help them anymore and pulled out and the receptionist who is sitting there has just recovered from a heart attack and the company who pulled out the ceo died and these people are saying it was a stressful time and they are planning to partner with someone else who is already on board to help them by investing money I’m sitting in this meeting on a comfy black chair and thinking should I be here does this concern me?

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