Dream of books

Assalamu alaikum

I had a dream where I was at a garage. I had purchased something from the kiosk and went to my car. Upon leaving the garage I saw a book shelf. The books where on sale by the garage. I took a few books whilst still in the car thinking to myself that they wouldn’t notice it. As I took the books I met someone that I knew in real life. He had also taken a book and he jumped into my car. Then they noticed us at the kiosk. So I turned my car up towards the kiosk to pay for what I took. When I got to the kiosk there was a small shop next to it. There was a thin lady with a fat face. In front of the car where I parked there was her brother who was a young boy who was a leper. Then a beggar approached my window and I said I am sorry I don’t have anything for you

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