Dream of being hijacked and saved by aayatul kursi

Dream 2: I was going on a journey with my family ( husband and daughter), I’m not sure where to, we were going by car and it seemed like it was going be a long journey. We had stopped at a garage to put my daughter into a car seat and my husband drove a little away from the station place to an empty field. I could see a police car over the fence and 4 black men and as he stepped out the car I thought to myself that these men are waiting to hijack us, then I saw them come around the car and I read ‘ya raqeebu’ 7 times and blew. They searched my husband and im not too sure what they took, they then came to the back and asked me if thats the babies napkin bag and I said yes and they left it. Then therewas a man searching for stuffin the front and I told him you took all my husbands money but in my mind I knew I had money still so he must buy me a bottle of water. He said ok but I cant remember if I got the water or not. Then my husband jumped back into the car and we carried on with our journey and I told my husband that allah saved us and I told him you read aayatul kursi isnt? He smiled and nodded a yes and then I woke up.

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