Dream of Murtad Uncle Performing Salaah And Making Wudhu

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Assalamu alaikum

I saw a dream last night.Before mentioning the dream, I would like to tell you some background details.
I have an uncle , who holds such beliefs which are undoubtedly Kufr. He doesn’t practice any aspect of Islam,and doesn’t even consider himself a Muslim.Since he was born into a Muslim family, that would probably make him a Murtad.
He lives in a city different from the one I live in,albeit the same country.
The dream:
I dreamt that my uncle came to my city and to my residence. He was using his laptop, doing something related to his work.Then he spoke to his colleague on his cellphone, most probably discussing something related to their work.After that, he said to me,” I am going to perform wudu, then offer Salah. You do the same.Then we will go out to a restaurant for dinner,After that we will sleep and wake up in the morning for (Fajr) salah”.
In my dream,I was very surprised to hear him say this but I didn’t say anything.He then went to the bathroom and made Wudu, and started Salah. Then I went to┬áthe bathroom to make Wudu.
At this point, my dream ended.(I think I woke up thats why,but I am not sure).

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Asked on November 10, 2015 5:27 am
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You will require his aid. Be careful.

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Answered on November 25, 2015 10:39 am