Does delaying iftaar by a few minutes make ones fast Makrooh?

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if at the time of iftaar you are delayed by a few minutes maybe because you were making wudhu does your fast become makhroo?
i am 17yeas of age,alhamdulillah i am a hafez ul quraan.before i could start hifz i was doing an alim course but i did not complete it insha allah i will complete it.during that time i was entering the age of baaligh.i have never shared this with any one,but now i need to know so i decided to ask you.during that time my late ustaad may allah grant him jannah ameen,had passed someting on to while he was passing it on to me he made me repeat after him and made dhum in water and an almond. and he told me to read some things every morning and night but i have forgoten because i was still from last year i started getting a lot of headaches and like vissions and feeling stuff that one cant see around me,at times i get very aggressive,feel hot my eyes burn i and my shoulders tend to get very heavy when that happens i have a very stern look on my face.sometimes when im reading my ummi tells me i sound different like gruff and serious and i was told at times i speak arabic in my sleep so maybe if you could help and tell me what it is and guide me as to what to do and read i’d really appreciate it.jazakallah
may allah reward you abundently…ameen.. thumma ameen

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Asked on August 26, 2010 12:00 am
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1) Intentionally delaying Iftaari makes it Makrooh.
2) See a reliable Amil in your area. Meanwhile read the Manzil before retiring to bed.
Blow in water, let some spittle go into water and drink

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Answered on August 26, 2010 12:00 am